Bao Minh Industrial Park – Nam Dinh


I. Overview of Bao Minh Industrial Park

Bao Minh Industrial Park was established in 2007, with the support of Vietnam Textile and Garment Group, the support of the Government of Vietnam and Nam Dinh province, Bao Minh Industrial Park Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company. Minh with shareholders who are the leading prestigious enterprises of Vietnam’s textile and garment industry has successfully developed and exploited the infrastructure of Bao Minh Industrial Park.
With the policy of investment activities bringing practical contributions to the community, Bao Minh Industrial Park Infrastructure Construction Project is planned and implemented with standards, striving to bring long-term benefits to investors. private and partners.

Bao Minh Industrial Park is located in Vu Ban district – Nam Dinh province, the largest textile province in Vietnam and the economic hub in the southern region of the Red River Delta. Bao Minh Industrial Park – designed to develop into a clean and modern industrial park, providing tenants with a world-class operating environment, with reliable infrastructure and customer service conscientious goods.
Besides, Bao Minh Industrial Park has an extremely favorable geographical position. The industrial park belongs to Lien Bao, Lien Minh, Kim Thai communes, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province. Located right next to the North-South national railway line and National Highway 10 – is an economic backbone with 4 lanes, running along the Northern coast through 6 provinces and cities: Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Thai Binh , Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh and Thanh Hoa, and connecting with important traffic routes such as National Highway 5, National Highway 37, National Highway 39, Highway 21, Highway Hanoi – Hai Phong and provincial roads, connecting economic centers , major local politics, concentrated industrial zones.

Distance from Bao Minh Industrial Park to major centers:

  • Distance from Hanoi center: 90km
  • Distance from Noi Bai Airport: 120km
  • Distance from Hai Phong Port: 90km
  • Distance from Nam Dinh Station: 12km
  • Distance from Nam Dinh city – the center of the South Red River Delta: 13 Km
  • Distance from Phu Ly city – Ha Nam province: 37km
  • Distance from Ninh Binh city – Ninh Binh province: 20km



I. Infrastructure Industrial Park

  1. The infrastructure
– Traffic system: With a main road with 2 lanes of 63m and 48m, a branch road of 26.5m along with an internal road system of the Industrial Park connecting to National Highway 10 and district roads convenient for travel.
– Power supply system: Power is taken from 2 substations Trinh Xuyen and Y Yen 110/35KV with cable from the national grid.
– Water supply and drainage system: The water source of the water supply plant is taken from the Chanh and Dao rivers with a capacity of 40,000 m3/day. The rainwater drainage system is built separately from the wastewater drainage system in the Industrial Park. The diameter of the underground rainwater drainage pipe has sizes D600mm – D2500mm with the principle of automatic drainage.
– Wastewater treatment station: Centralized wastewater treatment system, collecting and treating 100% of industrial wastewater.
– Fire protection system: The industrial park has a fire prevention and fighting center located in the industrial park, 24/7 fire trucks

2. Social infrastructure and other services

Bao Minh Industrial Park, with its favorable geographical location near residential areas, has taken full advantage of the advantages of social infrastructure and local services. This helps to ensure the essential needs in working and living of employees.
One of the special features of Bao Minh Industrial Park is that it has a system of worker housing and expert housing with full facilities and convenience for employees. Currently, the number of existing specialist housing: 6; Existing worker housing: 400 units…. and entertainment centers in the area such as cafes, grocery stores, playgrounds…
About the hospital: Around the industrial park is a system of hospitals such as Provincial General Hospital, Lung Hospital, Eye Hospital,….
About banks: Big banks such as Vietcombank, BIDV, Agribank all have branches and transaction offices located near the industrial park.
Nearby tourist attractions: In addition, the industrial park is also close to tourist attractions such as Trang An – Bai Dinh tourist complex (15km), Phu Day – Nam Dinh (5km)….

II. Investment incentives in the Industrial Park

  1. Preferred industry
  • Mechanical
  • Yarn, Weaving-Dyeing, Garment
  • Power electronics
  • Medicine
  • Food and food processing
  • Processing and turning wood
  • Print package

2. Investment incentives

– Corporate income tax: The province will support 100% of corporate income tax actually paid into the state budget for 5 years after the end of the period of enjoying corporate income tax incentives according to the Law.
– Import tax: Import tax is exempted for goods being: machinery, equipment, special-use vehicles to create fixed assets; raw materials and supplies for the production of goods for export; materials that cannot be produced domestically
– Value Added Tax (VAT) applied to goods consumed in Vietnam: applicable tax rates are 0%, 5% and 10%. Tax rate of 0% for the export of certain goods and services, including goods and services supplied to Bao Minh Industrial Park.
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