Dai Dong – Hoan Son Industrial park – Bac Ninh


1. Legal information

Dai Dong – Hoan Son Industrial Park was assigned by the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh Province to Saigon Telecommunications Technology Joint Stock Company (a member of Kinh Bac Urban Development Corporation) as an investor, located in the center of the Northern key economic triangle: Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh. Industrial Park.

Residential and service in Dai Dong Hoan Son was built into a unified and modern architectural complex in line with the goal of Bac Ninh province to become an industrial city from now until 2015.

Dai Dong – Hoan Son Industrial Park is planned with an area of ​​400ha, of which Phase 1 has been deployed. Saigon Telecommunications Technology Joint Stock Company is building and developing infrastructure to attract investment for Phase 2 of the Industrial Park.

Dai Dong – Hoan Son Industrial Park has attracted many investment projects, such as: Hayakawa, Tabuchi, Cedo, Daisen, Maeda Kosen, UMW, YG Tech, Framas, Better Resin, Seojin…. Tam Duong district cooperated with FLC Group Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Urban and Industrial Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company-VCC to announce the Decision approving the adjustment of detailed construction planning at scale 1. /500 Tam Duong Industrial Park II-zone B in Tam Duong district and Tam Dao district (2nd time).

2. Geographical location and traffic

Dai Dong – Hoan Son Industrial Park is located close to the stereoscopic intersection between Hanoi – Lang Son Expressway and Provincial Road 295. The location is near Hanoi – Lang Son Expressway, Cai Lan deep-water port, port Hai Phong and the center of Hanoi have created a competitive advantage for Dai Dong – Hoan Son industrial zone. In addition, the industrial park is also well equipped with electricity, telecommunications and wastewater treatment systems according to international standards. With all the convenience brought by the industrial park, many domestic and foreign enterprises such as Hayakawa Electronics Vietnam, Tabuchi Electric, Samsung and Song Hong… have chosen this place to set up their production bases.

  • Altitude above sea level: 5m
  • About 38km from Hanoi capital.
  • 30km from Noi Bai airport along 18 Highway
  • About 35Km from Gia Lam station

3. Human resources and average employee salary

There is an abundant young labor force to meet the needs of unskilled workers for investors. With a close distance from Hanoi, experts and professionals can easily develop their factories and businesses.

The average salary of normal workers here ranges from 6 to 9 million VND/month Engineers and specialized departmental officers will have higher salaries depending on the job position ranging from 8 to 25 million dong.


1. Infrastructure

– Transportation system

The central road in the Industrial Park is 34 meters wide with 4 lanes. The main roads in the industrial park are 23 meters wide with 2 lanes. Lighting system is installed along the roads. Internal roads in the Industrial Park are paved with concrete, in line with Vietnam’s traffic standards. The main road is 34m wide, the auxiliary road is 21.5m wide.

– Electricity

Electricity 110KV high voltage power station and separate 22KV line to serve the electricity use needs of businesses in the area

– Water Water supply system with a capacity of 5,000 m3/day. Water in the Industrial Park is supplied from the water plant, the quality meets TC505/BYT standards of the Ministry of Health. Besides, businesses can save costs by using groundwater.

– Wastewater treatment

Waste water in the zone is treated through an international standard wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 2,500 m3/day.

– Process rubbish

Waste is collected and transported to a centralized treatment area according to regulations

– System of fire

Fire protection system along the roads.

– Communications

Modern communication system, providing full post and telecommunications services.

2. Other utilities

+ Bac Ninh has 14 universities, colleges and vocational schools that provide training in many fields

+ The system of trees and grass is arranged in accordance with the environment and landscape of the Industrial Park

+ The solid waste treatment system will provide the service of collecting domestic and industrial waste after being treated by each enterprise.

+ Wastewater drainage system by 400 centrifugal reinforced concrete pipes leading from the enterprise to the wastewater treatment station of Industrial Park, treated at the treatment station of the Zone, then discharged to the city’s sewage system.

+ Rainwater drainage system with reinforced concrete box culverts with a width of 1m, slope i = 3%, connected to the city’s rainwater drainage system

+ Banking branches and automatic teller machines (ATMs) located in the Industrial Park provide banking and credit services, helping businesses quickly and conveniently in liquidity and salary payment for Employee.

II. Rental price and investment incentives

1: Time and cost

Project duration: 50 years from the date of issuance of the investment certificate.

Investors can rent long-term or transfer to other investors. During the rental process, investors can sublease or transfer to other retail investors

  • The rental price of land with infrastructure is about 80 USD/m²/project life;
  • Industrial park management fee 0.35 USD/m²/year, factory rent 58 USD/m2.
  • Management fee 0.35 USD/m2/year;
  • Electricity and water prices (reference price: 100-400 USD/person/month).
  • Wastewater treatment fee 0.28 USD/m3.
  • Solid waste treatment fee (according to the regulations of the Provincial People’s Committee and the Management Board of the Industrial Park)

2: Incentives for investors

– Incentives for corporate income tax, the industrial park has a good location, close to the Hanoi highway

– Lang Son should be very convenient in terms of traffic. Regarding infrastructure in the industrial zone: the main road has been built and the electricity, water supply and drainage systems, and internal roads of the area have been built. The remaining land area for rent

– Import tax incentives High rent, high operating costs

– VAT incentives

Suitable for many types of investment. The location is concentrated in many industrial zones, so there is a link between available supporting industries. Preferential policies and good investment support services

– Other offers

Environmental treatment and labor attraction policies. All investors are entitled to general preferential policies according to government regulations such as: Incentive policy on CIT; Import and export tax; Preferential policies on land rent, water surface rent…

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