Do Son Industrial park – Hai Phong


1. Overview of Do Son Industrial Park

cơ sở hạ tầng khu công nghiệp Đồ Sơn - Hải Phòng

Hai Phong city is the largest port city in the Northern region and an important traffic hub of the Northern Key Economic Region. As the center of the economy of Vietnam – China “2 corridors and 1 belt”.

Do Son Industrial Park (formerly known as Hai Phong Manufacturing Zone 96) – Hai Phong is located in the southeast of Hai Phong city, in Ngoc Xuyen Ward, Do Son District; with a total area of ​​150ha, officially started by Joint Venture Company of Do Son Hai Phong Industrial Park on May 13, 2004 under License No. 1935/GP dated June 26, 1997 and Adjustment License No. 1935 /GPDDC1 issued by the Ministry of Planning and Investment on January 9, 2006.

This is an industrial park with synchronous and modern technical infrastructure, located in a location which has all types of road traffic, waterways, railways, air, sea and road traffic; The clean land for lease still fully meets the needs of investors…

Priority areas for investment of Do Son – Hai Phong Industrial Park are projects in the fields of high technology, green and clean industry, such as: electronic equipment; marine engineering products; tourism; cosmetics and sports equipment; modern medicine, traditional medicine and medical machinery regime; food, clean food, seafood, refined agricultural products; machinery for agriculture, construction and industry; packaging printing, interior and exterior decoration…

2. Location and transportation network

Do Son Industrial Park has a convenient geographical location and traffic for moving and transporting goods:

With 125 km of coastline and over 40 wharves, there is a deep-water port to welcome ships from 10,000 DWT to 20,000 DWT at full load, so sea transportation is very developed. Hai Phong Port is one of the growth engines of the Northern key economic region.
Every day, there are domestic flights from Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Buon Ma Thuot, Phu Quoc Island, Da Lat. Cat Bi Airport has been upgraded to an International Airport with international flights such as Korea, Thailand and soon China (Guangzhou, Shenzhen), Japan, Singapore, Malaysia…
Distance from Do Son industrial park to locations:

– 190 km from Mong Cai border gate

– 230 km from Huu Nghi Quan border gate

– 120 km from Hanoi capital

– 17km from Hai Phong container port

– 12 km from Hai Phong airport

– 16 km from Hai Phong city center

– 14km from Hai Phong Train Station

– 13 km from PARKSON shopping center

– 3km from Do Son Hai Phong Resort

– Adjacent to Do Son golf course.


1. Industrial Park infrastructure

Do Son Hai Phong Industrial Park has synchronous and modern infrastructure, timely and full of technical infrastructure facilities for businesses in the zone:

  • Internal road system in the industrial park: paved with concrete, in accordance with Vietnam’s traffic road standards H30. The main road is 34m wide, the auxiliary road is 21.5m wide.
  • Power supply system: 110KV high voltage power station and separate 22KV line.
  • Clean water supply system: supplied from Do Son Water Plant, quality meets TC505/BYT standards of the Ministry of Health with a capacity of 10,000m3/day.
  • Wastewater treatment system: Waste water in the Zone is treated through an international standard wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 1,200m3/day.
  • Solid waste treatment: Hai Phong City will provide domestic and industrial waste collection services after processed by each enterprise
  • Wastewater drainage system: by 400 centrifugal reinforced concrete pipes leading from the enterprise to the wastewater treatment station of the Industrial Park, treated at the treatment station of the Zone, then drained to the drainage system.
  • HRainwater drainage system: by reinforced concrete box culvert with a width of 1m, slope i = 3%, connected to the drainage system. city ​​rainwater.
  • Fire protection: located on the main roads of the Industrial Park
  • Modern communication system, providing full post and telecommunications services.
  • Banking branches and automatic teller machines (ATMs) located in the Industrial Park provide banking services. goods, credit.

    The exhibition hall welcomes businesses and customers to visit, survey and negotiate investment plans.

2. Investors participate

Do Son Industrial Park attracts many reputable domestic and foreign investors, especially investors from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore… Up to now, Do Son industrial park has had about 35 enterprises renting land and leasing investment factories: JinYun Feng Vietnam Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Cheng V Vietnam Co., Ltd., NAN.I Shoes Co., Ltd. Vietnam,… with a total investment capital of over 340 million USD. The majority of enterprises have advanced production lines, clean technology, less environmental pollution, and no toxic factories.

3. Project operation time:

– 50 years from the date of issuance of the investment certificate.
– Investors can rent or transfer, invest.
– During the rental process, the investor can sub-lease or re-transfer to other retail investors.

4. Cost of IP

Rent with infrastructure: 80-100 USD/m2.

Electricity price: peak hour is 0.1 USD/number; normal hour is 0.05USD/number; off-peak hour is 0.03USD/number.

Water price: 0.4 USD/m3.

Labor cost: with reference price is 200-500 USD/person/month. Depends on the job location.

Management fee: 0.5 USD/m2/year.

Wastewater treatment fee: 0.3 USD/m3.

5. Some offers

For export processing enterprises

Export tax: Tax free.
Import tax: Tax exemption for supplies, raw materials, goods, machinery, used for the production and processing of export goods, and special-use means of transport forming the fixed assets of the enterprise.

VAT: 0% tax rate applies to:

    • As for equipment, machinery and special-use means of transport in the technological chain, which are imported to form fixed assets.
    • Goods, services, raw materials and supplies for the production and processing of products for export; construction and installation activities of export processing enterprises.

Corporate income tax: 25%.

Tax on transferring profits abroad: Tax free.

For Industrial Park Enterprises:

Export tax: Tax free.
Import tax: Tax exemption for equipment, machinery, specialized means of transport forming fixed assets of the enterprise.
+ The tax rate of 0% applies to specialized equipment, machinery and means of transport included in the technological chain that are imported to form fixed assets.
+ Will be offset between Input Value Added Tax and Output Value Added Tax of the Enterprise.
Corporate income tax: 25%.
Tax on transferring profits abroad: Tax free.

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