Tan Hung Industrial Park – Bac Giang


  1. General information about Tan Hung Industrial Park

    Tan Hung Industrial Park – Bac Giang

Vietnam – Tan Hung Industrial Park Project has a total land area of ​​more than 150 hectares located at Lot 1, Tan Hung Industrial Park, Lac Giang district, Bac Giang province, of which phase 1 – Tan Hung industrial cluster has been completed with an area 50ha area ready for lease, serving the production and business needs of enterprises. The project of Vietnam Industrial Park in Tan Hung – Bac Giang is strategically located near key industrial provinces in the North such as Bac Ninh, Hai Duong and Hai Phong. The project was developed to meet the needs of investors for high-quality ready-built warehouses and factories for rent with flexible area from 2,000m2 to more than 20,000m2.

Industrial park with main industries including: processing agricultural and forestry products, food processing, mechanical engineering, electronic components, packaging and supporting industries…

2. Geographical location

KCN Tân Hưng có vị trí thuận lợi để phát triển trong tương lai
Tan Hung Industrial Park has a favorable location for future development

Tan Hung Industrial Park is planned at a very convenient location, located near Bac Giang – Lang Son highway, cutting provincial road 295, Tan Hung commune, Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province, helping to increase connectivity to other localities. other industrial areas flexibly and easily. This is an outstanding advantage of Tan Hung Industrial Park. Specifically:
– 65km from Hanoi capital – about 50 minutes by car;
– 60 km from Noi Bai International Airport – about 45 minutes by car;
– 90km from Lang Son;
– 110 km from Cai Lan international port and Hai Phong international port;
– 100 km from Mong Cai border gate.

List of lot

Quy hoạch tại khu công nghiệp Tân Hưng
Planning at Tan Hung Industrial Park Phase 1

According to the planning, the structure of industrial land use is as follows: land for factories and enterprises is about 34.3 ha; technical zone land is about 0.6 ha; administrative – service land 0.8 ha; green land, water surface 5.4 ha; traffic land 8.4 ha.


1. The infrastructure

Tan Hung Industrial Park is a new industrial zone, with an average industrial land fund of 105.3 ha, oriented by Bac Giang province as an industrial park focusing on developing high-tech, friendly industries. With the environment, in the future, modern infrastructure will be built synchronously to meet development goals. According to the planning scheme of Decision No. 715/UBND, the infrastructure of Tan Hung industrial park will be built with the following parameters:
– Traffic roads: main road with 4 lanes, secondary road with 2 lanes;
– Drainage system: including a fully designed rainwater and wastewater drainage system with a treatment station with a capacity of up to 1700m3/day and night located right at the technical infrastructure of the industrial park;
– Water supply system: Water supply for the planning area is taken from the water supply pipe D355 on TL295, water source from Huong Son clean water plant, the water supply capacity for the project is 2,400m3/day;
– Power supply system: From the current source, taken from 35KV routes of 110KV Lang Giang station through road 374E7.13 on provincial road 295. Additional power supply for long-term orientation: taken from 110kV substation built new power supply for Tan Hung industrial zone. The proposed location of 110kV transformer station is outside the planning boundary of the industrial zone, within the project boundary of the detailed planning of residential area and social housing in Tan Hung commune 36ha. The expected area of ​​​​the transformer station is about 5,000m2. Total capacity of the whole industrial park
about 36.00 MVA;
– Wastewater drainage system: Domestic wastewater and production wastewater in industrial factories are treated locally before being discharged to the common sewage system, and then sent to a treatment station located in the area. technical infrastructure land. Wastewater must be treated to grade A according to regulations and then discharged into the rainwater drainage canal system;
In general, with the scale of Tan Hung Industrial Park along with the development orientation of supporting industries, clean industry to support other heavy industries in industrial zones in Bac Giang province and other provinces. nearby, the electricity and water infrastructure as planned will fully and stably meet the production activities of investors.

2. Advantages of labor:

Tan Hung Industrial Park is located in an area with abundant labor resources, relatively cheap labor costs. According to the General Statistics Office, as of 2019 the population of Bac Giang province is about 1.85 million people, of which the population of Lang Giang district is about 250,000 people. More than two thirds of which are people of working age. It is forecasted that in the coming years the number of employees will continue to increase.
Labor costs are also relatively cheap, Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province is located in the area with the salary of region 3 workers with a minimum salary of 3,430,000 VND/month. Very competitive compared to neighboring provinces.


About Vietnam Industrial Park Company:

Vietnam Industrial Park Group Joint Stock Company

Vietnam Industrial Park Group Joint Stock Company is a subsidiary of Thien Huong Group, with the main activity being the supply of high quality industrial real estate. Vietnam Industrial Park has now invested more than 300 million USD and owns about 250 hectares of land spread across Vietnam. Vietnam Industrial Park has an abundant land fund and occupies a prime location in large industrial zones across the country such as An Phat Industrial Park – Hai Duong, Deep C Industrial Park – Hai Phong, Tan Hung Industrial Park – Bac Giang, Phu An Thanh Industrial Park – Long An , Ho Nai Industrial Park – Dong Nai, Nhon Trach Industrial Park – Dong Nai,…

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